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Aluminum foil bag production need to pay attention to the three elements
- Feb 02, 2018 -

1, heat sealing temperature

Is the most direct factor that affects the sealing effect of the heat seal temperature, the heat seal strength will be significantly enhanced, but at a certain temperature, heat seal strength will continue to change, if the temperature is too high, will damage the seal of heat sealing material, that is "Cut" phenomenon, greatly reducing the seal temperature seal.

2, sealed time

But also means that the temperature of the aluminum foil bags suspended in the time of production reached a very high level, the sealant is very influential in a certain pressure and heat sealing temperature sealing, sealing a long time, the heat seal layer fusion The effect is more full, with a more solid.

3, heat seal pressure

The main purpose is to achieve a satisfactory heat seal temperature during the production of aluminum foil bags. The heat seal pressure of aluminum foil bags can generally exceed 20 N / cm, but the heat seal pressure will increase if the thickness of the composite film increases. Adequate heat sealing pressure, heat sealing between the three aluminum foil bag sealing strong heat sealing material, and will not even cause false letter phenomenon.